Friday, October 31, 2008


Alyson singing in to the pumpkin

The "Before" pumpkin

Getting ready to 'gut' it

"That looks like a birthday cake"


Monday, October 27, 2008

Fabulous Fall Weekend

The weather was gorgeous and absolutely perfect - pretty much textbook for the events we had planned. Our full weekend started Friday evening as the four of us and Natalie's friend Lexie went to see High School Musical 3. We all enjoyed the movie and despite it being the premier night, the crowd was not terribly bad. Then again, they did have the movie showing in 3 different theathers.

Alyson, Judy Lynn and Natatlie

Saturday was "wrapped in Maroon and White" as Jack Cristil would say. It was band parents day and since Judy Lynn is essentially family, we were invited to take part in the festivities along with her biological family ;). The band did an exhibition show for everyone (they didn't perform at halftime because of homecoming ceremonies) and that was followed by a wonderful BBQ lunch. We were allowed to 'march' to the stadium with the band and then split off and did a little browsing until game time. There was definitely a stiff breeze with cool temperatures as the sun began to set but what else would you want at an October football game? Although I am not a cold weather fan, the weather was certainly made to order for the day. MSU played a good game and came out on top. I must say that the highlight of the game was when the girls made the Jumbotron! It happened very quickly. I wasn't actually watching the screen but was facing that direction and saw a a very brief image of a child on the screen. I glanced at Mary Grace Crenshaw (who was with our group and sitting next to me) and said "I think that was Alyson!". She gave me the same bewildered look and said "I think so too!". The lady behind us said the same thing. I found the camera that had found Alyson and it was still pointed our direction with the light on (they had put a video on the big screen). I encouraged her to keep cheering with her pom poms and maybe they would get her again. Sure enough, as soon as the video was over they put her back on the screen - this time for a little longer. Not to be left out, Natalie outfitted her with a couple of finger bunny ears. Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to get any of it recorded.

Natalie and Alyson practice to join the band

Marching to the stadium with the band

Sunday afternoon we participated in the Reformation Ride and Rally with the local church we have been visiting. The ride portion of the event is an 11 mile bike ride down Hwy 45 to Clarkco State Park. Again, the weather was beautiful - much warmer this time. Frankie, Natalie and I rode our bikes and Alyson hitched a ride with another church member who traveling in her truck taking pictures of the group and handing out water. Natalie took a small spill early in the ride and scraped her hands a little but was a real trooper and finished out the ride - all 11 miles of it. Alyson was a big help too - handing out water to some very thirsty bikers. We arrived at the park to the smell of grilling burgers, hotdogs and sausage. We had plenty of time to relax, visit and let the kids play before time to eat and time for a devotional. All in all - a great day. I don't have any pictures but Deirdre (Aly's chauffer) is going to burn me a disc and I will share the pictures with you when I receive them from her .

Friday, October 24, 2008

Honor Student

Straight A's
Bear with me a moment as this proud momma brags a little. Natalie brought home her first report card of the year yesterday and I am sure you have already figured out - she had straight A's. Her lowest average was a 95. We are so proud of her.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alyson's choir debut

Alyson had her choir debut in "Big Church" last night. Although this was not her first time to sing with a choir (for other people), it was her first time to sing in front of others that are not her family or family of her friends. She had practiced very hard and was so excited about getting to sing. I must admit that she, and all the kids, impressed me with their memorization of John 3:16. She knew every word and didn't miss one. If you ask her to recite it again - be ready, she will - to perfection, no matter how long it takes ;).

For those of you who haven't seen Alyson in a while. She is on the bottom row on the left as you are looking at it. She has on a green/brown outfit with a brown bow.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Question - Please jog my memory

I love the sitemeter I have on my blog because it lets me see who is 'checking us out' from various parts of the country and even the world (if I knew anyone other than LeDon outside of the US right now). Sometimes it shows how poor my memory is regarding where some of my friends are located right now. I have noticed that there is someone in New Mexico that checks in pretty frequently, usually at least once daily, and I even saw someone today from Vermont. Please jog my memory and let me know who you are (just leave me a comment). I love to know who is keeping up with us so I can keep up with you as well.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow! An Alyson Moment

OK, so I know that laughing hysterically and following your child around with a camera is not exactly the best way to handle a moment like this. Sometimes you just can't help it and all you parents looking at this can't deny that you have done the same at some point. If you haven't, just humor me and let me think you have. This is also proof to some of you who think Alyson is so sweet and not capable of things like this that, yes she is.

Basically, it all stemmed from her wanting to sleep in the living room with Natalie (she has fall break this week). That was fine with me but she insisted on sleeping on the hard floor and I wouldn't agree with that. When we couldn't come to terms on that I told her she could just sleep in her bed tonight. Well, that went over like a lead balloon and this clip is just a small glimpse of the tantrum that ensued. There were some much more entertaining moments that I couldn't catch because as soon as I started recording she would run - I warned her I was going to get the camera out.

For all you critics who can't believe I allowed this to happen and actually took video of it - not to worry, she got what was coming to her after more than enough warning.

Sorry, I think you will have to look at it sideways - I can't figure out how to rotate it.

Finally, what Alyson really needed!

Poor Natalie had been waiting so patiently to do something with me after storm passed and she fell asleep in the meantime. We will have to make up for that tomorrow because I have a feeling she will have some hurt feelings.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

I can't believe she is 9 years old! It seems like just yesterday that we were waiting for what seemed like FOREVER for her to get here. Now she is turning in to a young lady right before our eyes. Have a great birthday Nat!

Look what the toothfairy brought me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Snaggle Tooth!

Snaggle tooth!!

Snaggle tooth with her tooth and the infamous (remnants of) the candy bar.

Alyson has lost her first tooth! Wow! All this is happening too fast. I wasn't quite prepared for it yet. I figured we at least had a few more months. She started to complain of her tooth hurting just before her birthday last week. It had gotten pretty loose over the course of this past week and then this afternoon, she took a bite of a candy bar and guess what! She was so excited - "My loose tooth fell out!". She even tolerated the small amount of bleeding without a panic attack. We have our Tooth Fairy pillow ready and she is anxiously waiting for her visit tonight.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bubbles galore

I will still be cleaning up bubbles next week!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Artistic Flare?

Natalie felt the need to work on her artist skills this afternoon and Aly graciously agreed to be her subject. I don't know if Alyson really knew what she was getting in to. At least they didn't use the Sharpie markers they had been working with a short time earlier (to decorate a pumpkin).