Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mama's new toy!

I finally got it! They say "If you get it, they will come" (or something like that) don't they? So maybe now that I have the machine I want, the business will come ;). Let's hope (or I am going to have a lot of explaining to do). Anyone who knows me very well knows that I have had my eye on this machine for quite a while. Well, after a good offer on it and a little arm twisting at home, it is mine - and I am so excited. It is a Baby Lock BMP8 - it has 6 needles on it. I got it Thursday and have already christened it well by monogramming 60 visors for the girls softball league. There was definitely a learning curve there that included a couple of desperate phone calls to Brian, but I got them done. Although business has been kind of slow, I have confidence that it will pick up. I have several people plugging my business for me whenever they get the chance and graduation is coming up soon which always increases the business a little bit. After all, it took 2 years of doing it in Columbus to get me built up to staying really busy. Regardless, I am ready for the challanges ahead of me now! For perspective, you can see part of my regular sewing machine sitting just to the left - that is the one I have been doing embroidery on until now (and I can still use it for that as well).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MVP (or something like that)

Last night the girls had their first softball game - in the pouring rain. Well, Alyson's team played in the pouring rain. They did cancel Natalie's because it started lightening. I had to work last night so I was only able to catch a few minutes of the game before leaving and unfortunately, didn't get to see Alyson do anything. She was next to bat when the batter before her struck out and ended the inning just before I left. Well, the action all happened after I left (I wasn't even a mile down the road). Alyson had just gone in to the field (shortstop position) for the first time in the game and the batter hit a pop fly - to Alyson. SHE CAUGHT IT!!! Unfortunately, it missed her glove and she caught it with her arm (but she didn't drop it!). The crowd reportedly went crazy and I think she was stunned for a moment. Then reality set it. That was the end of the game for her last night. She was the hero of the night though. Everyone bragged on her everywhere she went after that.

Not the greatest picture (it was a moving target) but you can see the battle scar - a nice strawberry with faint lace marks. She has officially been initiated into the sport.

I will post more pictures later with them in their uniforms and some game pictures when we have a night that is a little less hectic.

Hoppy Easter!

OK - so I am a couple of days late with my Easter message. It was busy and crazy but it was great. Lots of firsts again this year for our family~the biggest change was our non-involvement in the Living Pictures (LP) presentation at our 'home' church in Columbus. With the exception of the year my mother died, this is the first year since its inception (20+ years ago) that I have not been involved. Frankie jumped on board as soon as we started dating and he started going to Fairview and Natalie has been in it as well the past few years. LP requires much time and commitment, especially the week prior to Easter, but always well worth it. Despite it being an incredibly crazy week, it is a constant reminder of the sacrifice that was made and the precious gift we receive. We did get to attend and watch LP from 'the outside' this year for the first time. It was excellent. Kudos to all involved - so neat to see how it all comes together so well.
This year, we found ourselves with a little more free time than in past years but we managed to find plenty to do to fill the time. Saturday dawned a little cool but absolutely gorgeous - a perfect day for our church (in Meridian) Easter Egg hunt at a neighbors house. All the kids had a great time and walked away with goodies and candy.
We took a little while Saturday afternoon to dye our Easter Eggs before heading out to get a bite to eat.
Sunday morning dawned clear, sunny and beautiful -how fitting. It was a little cool but the girls managed to stand still just long enough to get some pictures.
After we attended church in Meridian, we hit the road for Columbus where we had our annual Easter lunch with family and friends at my parents house. As always, we had a great time but missed some of our regulars this year.

The 'kids' - not so sure you can call of them that anymore.
Not all of them were willing participants!

This group of girls goes back a few years - since Amelia (in purple) was an infant!

(Sorry it's off center - we let a man take the picture ;) )

Alyson is just silly!

The kiddo's get in a visit with the Easter bunny

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Friday, I got to go with Alyson on a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo. We had a blast! Here are a few pictures from the day.
Alyson's first request of the day was to see a zebra. We managed to find one pretty quickly which freed us up to do a little more leisurely exploring (not that we were in much of a hurry to start with). We managed to find a few more interesting creatures along the way. I really think she was most excited about the fact that she could just let loose and run!

Shortly after arriving we attended a brief educational program where the kids were shown and taught about various reptiles including a turtle, a gecko, a snake and an alligator. At the end of the program the children (and parents - I passed on this one) were given the opportunity to pet the snake and alligator. Aly jumped at the chance.
Aly made sure to use only 2 fingers and stroke the animals in a downward motion, as instructed.

I think our favorite exhibit of the day was the Lorikeet Aviary. So much so that we visited a second time later in the day. You could purchase a small cup of nectar and carry it in with you (you can see the small cup in Alyson's hands) and you can see the results. They were so much fun. You could barely get through the door before they were all over you. They were very gentle and when they finished the nectar, they were on their way again looking for the next visitor.

Yes, that is a Lorikeet sitting on Alyson's head.

The worker said they were also very facisnated by the screens on digital cameras. I was attempting to get a shot of one that landed on my hand while I was taking pictures of Alyson.

This is all Alyson was good for on the ride home. I could barely get her awake to get her off the bus. She definitely made the most of her day!