Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MVP (or something like that)

Last night the girls had their first softball game - in the pouring rain. Well, Alyson's team played in the pouring rain. They did cancel Natalie's because it started lightening. I had to work last night so I was only able to catch a few minutes of the game before leaving and unfortunately, didn't get to see Alyson do anything. She was next to bat when the batter before her struck out and ended the inning just before I left. Well, the action all happened after I left (I wasn't even a mile down the road). Alyson had just gone in to the field (shortstop position) for the first time in the game and the batter hit a pop fly - to Alyson. SHE CAUGHT IT!!! Unfortunately, it missed her glove and she caught it with her arm (but she didn't drop it!). The crowd reportedly went crazy and I think she was stunned for a moment. Then reality set it. That was the end of the game for her last night. She was the hero of the night though. Everyone bragged on her everywhere she went after that.

Not the greatest picture (it was a moving target) but you can see the battle scar - a nice strawberry with faint lace marks. She has officially been initiated into the sport.

I will post more pictures later with them in their uniforms and some game pictures when we have a night that is a little less hectic.


The Patricks said...

Way to go Aly!!! Congrats! We love ya!

JL said...

I AM SO PROUD!!!! I guess making you catch the ball when we played paid off, although I did try to teach you how to catch it with your glove! Don't worry Aly, I've stopped a ball with my arm, leg, whatever was handy many times ;) I guess I taught you my tactics too well :)