Thursday, January 13, 2011

Changes, Changes

No pictures to post this time but I will try to get some up soon! This will just serve as a brief update for recent changes. I addressed some changes in our Christmas letter but there have been more changes since then - all for the good though. As pretty much everyone knows, Frankie took a new job with Regions bank in October after being laid off by his previous employer. God is always good though and the timing was perfect as his old job ended on a Friday and he was able to move right in to his new job the following Monday. Not a single day of lost pay!

Christmas passed by in a flurry of activity and we did our best to absorb and enjoy every moment. I will try to get some pics posted from that soon. We just stayed so busy. We just have to look at it as we are blessed to be able to be so busy.

We have braved the crazy weather patterns in the South to bring in our new year - temps in the 70's and tornadoes as we celebrated New Years (none in our immediate area -thank goodness) and the very next week school was cancelled for a day for snow and ice. Crazy!

School has been back in session for a little over a week now and with it brought a new opportunity for me (Kristi). I was (unexpectedly) offered a job as the school nurse at the girls school! I had been doing a little subbing for the nurse there last semester and it just opened the right doors at the right time. But, we know who was in control of it and knew it all along. It is an amazing opportunity. I have the girls schedule during the school year and will have summers off with them as well. I am still getting my feet wet and getting settled in and frequently responding to the question, "Where's the real nurse?" LOL! I know they don't mean it that way - kind of funny though. I think I am going to enjoy it - got to get past my phobia of the lice though - UGH! That is all I dreamt about last night! I will be heading to get some shampoo for preventive self treatment ASAP. I will keep you posted - I am sure there will be many interesting stories to tell.

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