Sunday, June 14, 2009

OK - So I know I am waaaaaay past due for an update. Some of you have asked how long you are going to have to look at my sewing machine! Sorry - I am a little excited about! Not really (although I have really enjoyed it and business is picking up - YAY!). Life has just been incredibly busy the last couple of months. During school, I was working more hours at the hospital, both girls have been playing softball and we have thrown VBS (in Columbus), camp and a couple of days working in Columbus in there as well. I think (I hope) things are about to slow down just a bit so we can enjoy what we have left of summer. It goes by so quickly. School starts back August 7th - both girls will be attending this year. Natalie in 4th grade and Alyson in kindergarten.
I obviously can't catch you up in detail on all we have been doing the last couple of months but I have posted a lot of pictures with some brief descriptions to at least catch you up to where we are. Grab a drink and a snack - this may take a little while.
To stay in chronological order, scroll to the bottom of this post then work your way back up.
Our newest resident! We haven't named him yet (any suggestions?) but he has obviously discovered that our front porch is an all you can eat buffet in the evenings. He appears every night about sundown and is gone every morning.

Hailey, Harrison and Alyson
Hailey and Harrison spent a few days with us last week. This just looked like a classic Kodak moment as they enjoyed their popscicles.

Natalie and Alyson spent the week in Columbus with Pawpaw and Nana the first week of June for VBS at Fairview. While there, they were expected to do their share of work in the garden ;). Natalie (in pink cap) and Alyson digging up potatoes with Pawpaw.
Natalie, Alyson and Lexie
Natalie and Lexie went to camp at Central Hills with Fairview last week. From what I have been told. All the kids had a great time.
Happy Birthday Hailey and Harrison - May 5, 2009
So hard to believe they are 3 years old already. They are growing so fast. Kerri hosted a great party for everyone (including LOTS of kids). It was a circus themed party that almost turned in to a Noah's Ark themed party. Kerri did a great job making the most out of the situation. The rain did eventually stop and some of the outdoor activities were able to take place. I think everyone had a great time. I know my crew did.

Anabelle, Alyson, Natalie and Rosalie
The first lemonade (kool-aid actually) stand of the summer.

Alyson's hair post recital!
Natalie, Madison (cousin) and Alyson at Alyson's gymnastics recital.
Natalie, Judy Lynn and Alyson at Alyson's school program.
Alyson with her class at her school program.
A beautiful rainbow we saw on our way to Alyson's school program. This area hosts some of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen!
Alyson at bat!
Judy Lynn, Alyson and Natalie enjoying a warm spring day! It wasn't quite warm enough for me!
Natalie at bat - she got a base hit!
Somehow this is the only one I have of Natalie playing ball. Not sure how that happened. She has a couple of more tournemant games so I will make sure to get some more and post them later.
Aly during warm up.
Natalie and Alyson ready for the games. It has been crazy this spring. They play on seperate teams in different age divisions so we are often going different directions with them. Unfortunately, we don't play in a park complex so we travel to various communities for our games.

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